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Description:   1L is environment including IDE, form builder, interpreter and debuger (like 1C:Enterprise v7.7 for fast and easy development and execute accounting program. Qt 1L is developed in C++ using Qt4.

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Kuwaiba Open Network Inventory System This project aims to provide an enterprise grade inventory system for telecommunications and IT infrastructure. Create, modify and delete elements (network elements, facilities, services)Hierarchical views and element detail viewsElements detail editorManage container hierarchy to specify what element can be parent of what other eleme

LASANGE - LAN Managment System LASANGE aims at creating a mostly-automated LAN session administration and management system. It will provide game server management (rapid deployment of game servers) and tournament management in a more advanced and automated way than other systems.

Mandala Core MandalaCore is an PHP/PosgreSQL accounting system, originally it arose to to supply the needs of the Colombian accounting system users. It is covered under the GPL license.

Open Call Accounting An Open Source Telephone Call Accounting System. It accepts SMDR output and stores it in a MySQL database. Reports and configuration are done through a web browser using php.

Qt DNS P2P A P2P DNS software framework research platform for exploring the decentralization of the DNS system through the use of P2P architecture. Traditional DNS appearance on the frontend, and P2P on the backend. Cross Platform Qt/C++SQL Backend

Simple Billing System abill is a simple billing system for small ISPs. It consolidates RADIUS authorization and accounting modules, mail traffic, tariffs, Web user statistics, and administration management tools.

alcatel_readserial This little script is used to read call accounting and error data from an Alcatel PCX built in serial port, filtering along the way. Hope to eventually be (or combine with) a call accounting system.

Applewood Computers Accounting System ACAS contains Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers (Accounts Receivable, Payable and General Ledgers) as well as Stock Control (Inventory Control) along with IRS (Incomplete Records System).This system is written in COBOL and uses Open Cobol which compiles via C code and is therefore compatible with ...

Bash-based traffic accounting system Traffic accounting system written in bash. Requires cron, bc, sed, iptables. Provides daily/hourly/weekly/monthly/yearly statistical information about certain iptable chains. requires basic knowledget about network masks and iptables.

Job Costing Tracking system Book a Job Card, assign employee which records the time spent on the job that transfers to a timesheet, add costing like materials from built-in inventory system. Finally create invoices integrating with XERO online accounting or print PDF invoice. V2.2.3 includes changing Currency parametersCost effective ...

Accountability Pal Accountability Pal monitors your network and keeps track of who is using the Internet and what they are viewing, downloading, uploading, etc. It emails a report of each user's activity to the person/people you specify. Great for parents and businesses.

AccuTrak AccuTrak is a general-purpose memory debugging tool that detects various memory errors such as overrun, underrun, double-free, leak, etc. It is cross-platform and configurable which makes it a viable choice to debug various programs, small or big.

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